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Little Mercies

Little Mercies - Heather Gudenkauf


A social worker charged with child negligence?  A ten-year old left alone?  What do Ellen and Jenny have in common? 

The common thread has built a beautifully written story by Ms. Gudenkauf.  It deals with social services from the adult and the child's side and what can easily happen both good and bad​.


​You will feel Ellen's pain as she deals with an accident she herself as a social worker deals with every day but with a situation she never thought she would have to personally deal with.


You will want to hug Jenny and take her home with you.  ​How could a ten-year old have to deal with so much?

I was a bit worried LITTLE MERCIES was going to be too intense for me when I first started reading, but the author's writing style is so amazing along with the storyline that you don't want to stop.  You "must" continue to see how things turn out.


LITTLE MERCIES allows the reader into the world of social services and lives of children that most of us don't know about and don't have to live through.


LITTLE MERCIES is a book that tears your heart apart, but has wonderful lessons about life and things to think about.  The meaning of the book's title is explained as you read, and I enjoyed the meaning because it is so true.  I started looking for "little mercies" in my own life.


I would put LITTLE MERCIES on your must read list. It is a book that will take you to a world people actually live through and make you glad you do not, but it will also make you realize that family is the most important element we have, and we should count our blessings.


My rating is a HUGE ​5/5.


​This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.​

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