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The Twelfth Child

The Twelfth Child - Bette Lee Crosby


Abigail Lannigan was the twin daughter of Will and Livonia Lannigan.  Will ignored his daughter to the point of abuse, but he adored and lavished attention on her brother.  Even though Abigail loved her twin brother Will and they got along marvelously, her father ruined her life emotionally and Will's in a certain way.

The book's content and storyline is intriguing and one that follows Abigail through her childhood which was made up of hard work and no appreciation and also follows her through decisions she made on her own with her biggest decision being getting away from her father.

The book moves back and forth from her childhood to when she is an older woman.  Good and bad decisions made her regret a few of her choices, but she made it through just as her mother always told her she would.  You will fall in love with Abigail and feel her pain and her fears, and you will wish you could be there with her when she is alone.

These lines from Page 122 of the e-book sum up Abigail's character perfectly and give a thoughtful piece of advice to all of us:

"All my life, I'd pinched and saved, always worrying about the future, then before I knew it, I was an old woman with not much future left to worry about and pitifully little to show for all the scrimping.  If I had it to do over again, I'd live my life the way Destiny does.  She's one person who won't end up with a bunch of regrets about things she didn't do."

That quote is just a sampling of the wonderful lessons and wonderful story inside THE TWELFTH CHILD.  The entire book was filled with everyday happenings and also gave the reader a look at how the human race can be cruel as well as kind.  All of these "lessons" were told in a lovely, fast-moving fashion that made you laugh, made you cry, and made you do some introspection.

I can't praise this book and the author enough...Ms. Crosby is amazing.  Her writing is smooth, detailed, interesting, and it pulls you right into the story with believable characters and a wonderful flowing storyline.  I couldn't put this book down and was sad when it ended.

And.......the ending has a splendid lesson in itself.  I truly enjoyed this incredible book.  5/5

This e-book was given to me free of charge in return for an honest review.

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