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Delicious!: A Novel - Ruth Reichl

Recipes, libraries, letters, books, food, authentic Italian butcher and cheese shops, aromas you can smell through the pages, and marvelous characters. What more can a reader ask for?

DELICIOUS is a reader's and a cook's paradise. DELICIOUS is one wonderful page of words after another.

The magic never stopped as Ms. Reichl introduced the reader to her believable, lovable characters and to mouthwatering food. Billie and every single character will steal your heart. The characters just had something that pulled you in.

When Billie finds letters in the library of a now defunct magazine company that were sent to a famous chef, Mr. Beard, from 13-year old Lulu during WWII, the book continues with the same mood of enjoying life, enjoying food, and discovering oneself.  If you love old buildings from the 1800's, you will be in for another surprise.
These letters became the basis of DELICIOUS and also created a mystery about who Lulu was. The letters were used by a librarian as a fun game of finding clues that were very cleverly hidden and ones that led to the next clue...was the game ever over? If Lulu were still alive, Billie knew what a wonderful treat it would be to meet her.

If you want to be entertained and have your taste buds taken to the highest level, be sure to read DELICIOUS.  You will also have the pleasure of learning how to face hidden fears in your life and share your life with those you should share it with.

DELICIOUS is unlike any book I have read.  It grabs hold of you and takes you along for a "delicious" adventure and a very pleasurable reading ride.

My rating of DELICIOUS is a taste tempting, entertaining, and loving 5/5.

Don't miss reading DELICIOUS.  It is a beautiful, delightful book.‚Äč

I received this book free of charge and without compensation from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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