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The Forgotten Seamstress

The Forgotten Seamstress - Liz Trenow

This mysterious ​quilt, a seamstress, stolen patches of material, royalty, ​and Caroline tell the tale of the beautiful, lovingly handmade quilt that connects Maria the seamstress​ to Caroline the present day character​ through flashbacks and recorded tapes. You will LOVE the connection.  ​

Maria's story began in an orphanage where she learned the skills of a seamstress ​and ​then moves to her being a seamstress in Buckingham Palace along with her friend, Nora.  Both girls did impeccable stitching for the royal family.

In her spare time at the castle, ​Maria made a​ quilt from royal cloth and told the story of her life in every patch and stitch​. Her quilt was handed down through the generations ​with mysteries and a story of its own.

Maria's life was changed for the worst, though, after the Prince summoned her to do some mending for him.  This beautifully told ​story continued ​from that point and back to the present.

If you enjoy reading family history and the history of family heirlooms created by a past generation and found by the present generation, you will definitely enjoy THE FORGOTTEN SEAMSTRESS.

The writing is flawless, the characters are lovable and unforgettable, the storyline will definitely hold your interest until the last page.  And...the last few pages will have you glued to each word.​ 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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