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Hunting Shadows

Hunting Shadows - Charles Todd
Hamish and Rutledge are back again solving two seemingly unrelated murders in two different small towns.

Ian Rutledge is working on finding a "shadowy" figure who shoots to kill and then disappears without a trace.  Rutledge has a difficult time finding clues and connections that would lead to the murderer's identification.

The first shooting was at a wedding and the second at a political rally.  No one seems to be able to understand how the two are related nor the reason for the murders.

HUNTING SHADOWS is another great read by Charles Todd; in fact, HUNTING SHADOWS is my favorite of his mysteries, and I have read a number of his books.

Sometimes his murders get too tied up with the war, but HUNTING SHADOWS seems more geared to the people in the story and the plot.  So if you didn't like some of his other books, this one is different, so give it a try.


I always enjoy Mr. Todd's mysteries mostly because of the time period and the twists and turns that ultimately occur.
Rutledge and Hamish are always characters that keep you on your toes. The other characters in HUNTING SHADOWS who perfectly portray the way of life at that time in history will keep your interest.

If you enjoy a murder mystery at its best along with wonderful description and imagery, don't miss Todd's newest Ian Rutledge mystery. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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