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What would your Favoite Atria Authors Give to Their Characters?


Atria Books asked their authors this question:  


If you were to buy one of your characters a Christmas gift, what would it be and who would it be for? 



This is such a fun question.

My favorite answers are from my two favorite Atria authors:


Posie Graeme-Evans




William Kent Krueger


Renee Carlino: If I could buy one of my characters a Christmas gift, I would buy Will Ryan from Sweet Thing an autographed guitar from Johnny Cash, one of his favorite musicians . . . or plane tickets to come and see me.


Paul Cleave: I’d buy Joe Middleton a copy of Parenting For Dummies now that he’s a dad. I think it’d be helpful for him to know which way a nappy goes around, though really the best advice would be to kidnap himself a nanny.

Posie Graeme-Evans: Freya (from The Island House) needs a proper waterproof backpack for hiking the cliff path on her island in Scotland. I’d also get her a sheepdog puppy for the sheep she’ll have over there one day.

Abbi Glines: Jess (from Misbehaving) some pajamas. She so needs to stop wearing her crazy ex-boyfriend’s tee-shirts.


William Kent Krueger: I’d buy Waaboo, Cork O’Connor’s little grandson, a Radio Flyer wagon.  I got one for Christmas when I was four years old, and I still remember it as the best Christmas present ever!


John Lescroart: I’d buy Dismas Hardy a fly rod and tell him to get out more.


Liza Marklund: Dessie, a Swedish journalist who is one of the main characters in my and James Patterson’s Postcard Killers, would get a really heavy, warm winter jacket. She’s from the north of Sweden poor thing, just like me, and she’s constantly freezing (just like me). She would really appreciate that present!


Gail McHugh: It’d be a muzzle for Olivia. Although I love her to pieces, that girl spouts whatever jumps into her head the second it does, no matter who it offends. It’s like she can’t control herself.

Randy Susan Meyers: I would get Juliette, from The Comfort of Lies, a duplicate of Alicia Florrick’s wardrobe from the television show The Good Wife—because she deserves it and I want it, and I can do anything I want in my imagination, right?

Jodi Picoult: I’d buy Anna from My Sister’s Keeper ice hockey equipment.  She always wanted to play but wasn’t allowed because it could effectively compromise her ability to donate to her sister.  But if anyone understands the meaning of living in the moment, it’s her…and she deserves to make one perfect goalie’s save.


Spencer Quinn: I’d get Chet – the canine narrator of the series (but not a talking dog!) – a Slim Jim. He loves them!


K. A. Robinson: I would buy Drake a new guitar.


M. J. Rose: I would buy Jac L’Etoile a new watch.  She wears her mother’s watch because “her mother ran “out of time” and it makes me sad to think of Jac still haunted by her mother’s suicide. So I’d buy her this watch with a note that said – “it’s time for your own magic to shine.”


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