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The High Tide Club

The High Tide Club - Mary Kay Andrews



Finding her childhood friends and making amends was one of Josephine Bettendorf Warrick’s dying wishes.  Josephine and her two childhood friends had created THE HIGH TIDE CLUB during one night of fun.

The girls were lifelong friends until Josephine had words with them.   Brooke Trappnell was hired by Josephine to find these women or their descendants because she wanted to leave her island to them since she had no children of her own. 

Josephine is an ornery woman who wants what she wants.  Brooke desperately needs the money so she takes this job. 

Brooke wasn’t sure she would legally be able to take on this assignment because she and her mother surprisingly were named in the inheritance that included twenty acres of land and a pink mansion.

THE  HIGH TIDE CLUB is set in Georgia and has eccentric, fun characters.  We follow Brooke as she goes on her search for these women and/or family members.

We also get the treat of going back to 1941 and seeing first hand all of the antics and mischief THE HIGH TIDE CLUB girls got into along with secrets kept and heartaches.  

Ms. Andrews smoothly goes from one time period to another linking both stories and keeping your interest with her marvelous, detailed writing style and story line.

The fun of finding these friends and/or family members made this book delightful.  I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the story line. 

The story line became better every time I turned the page and especially when secrets were revealed about Josephine’s life and those in it.  
The characters were the highlight for me as well as the location.

The island, its history, and its description made you want to be there with the characters.

I enjoyed the lives of the characters in 1941 as well as the present-day family members. 

This was my first book by Mary Kay Andrews, and it was a very pleasing, entertaining read.  

If you enjoy family sagas, secrets, and mysteries, you will want to read THE HIGH TIDE CLUB. 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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