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The Secrets You Keep

The Secrets You Keep - Kate White

An automobile accident, a book that can't seem to ​get written, a new home, a murder, and unsettling questions Bryn had about her new husband. Bryn was recovering from an accident with the total support from her husband starting to wane after three months.


Was he tired of her fragility? Was he doing things behind her back?​ What else didn't she know about her new husband's current and past life?​ All of this uncertainty also caused Bryn to not be able to focus on the new book she was to be writing. Her writing kept her busy, but the inspiration just didn't materialize.


What​ ​did materialize was the brutal murder of the chef who catered the dinner party Bryn hosted at her home and things getting worse for her in every aspect. The visits and questions about the murder from the police were very disconcerting, and Bryn wasn't even sure she could trust her husband. ​​ When another murder occurs, my mind immediately went to one of the characters as being the same person who murdered the chef. ​


THE SECRETS YOU KEEP was q​uite a good mystery with most characters not being trustworthy and others who were caught in the middle of the deceit. ​​


THE SECRETS YOU KEEP kept me awake longer than usual and kept me in suspense as have all of Ms. White's books.​


Ms. White did it again with another splendid mystery that was well written ​and had plenty of intrigue.


I enjoyed the storyline and trying to guess who the real murderer was.




This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.​

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