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A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor: A Novel - Darcey Bell

 Mothers,  Friends, Secrets....Stephanie and Emily were mothers, ​they were ​friends, and they both had secrets even though they thought they knew each other better than they knew themselves.

A SIMPLE FAVOR begins when Stephanie keeps Emily's son, Nicky, after school because Emily is going to be late.  But...after school turns into overnight, then after school turns ​into another day and ​another ​night, and then ​yet ​another day and another ​night with no Emily.

Stephanie didn't know where to turn except to her "mommy blog."  Stephanie waits and waits and writes and writes.  Stephanie finally calls Emily's husband, Sean, who was in London to tell him his wife has disappeared and that she has been keeping Nicky. Sean didn’t even know who Stephanie was.

Sean doesn't seem concerned since Emily said she was going on a business trip, but the problem is that Emily never returns from the business trip.

Sean, Stephanie, and the two boys spend a lot of time with each other until they find out the truth that Emily is dead.

As we read, Stephanie places her thoughts and emotions on her blog ​and also with Sean.

A SIMPLE FAVOR keeps having secrets pop up about all of the characters both current and past.

A SIMPLE FAVOR had a unique style with Stephanie's blog taking up most of the chapters ​and all the other chapters also being about Stephanie as she lives her daily life with her son and now Sean and Nicky.​  Chapters only about Stephanie change as the book continues, and the scare factor definitely moves up a few notches.
My interest in the book was very high simply because of the wonderful writing and story line.  The characters were authentic, but it was difficult to believe someone could act that way and think of ways to hurt others.

I had my doubts about Stephanie's sanity and motives and about the life she lead.  Stephanie was quite gullible and insecure.

Emily was a difficult one to figure out, a character I didn't like, and a character I grew to hate.  She was conniving and evil.

Sean seemed like a nice enough guy that was caught in the middle of everything.
​A SIMPLE FAVOR is an excellent psychological thriller that kept me guessing and wondering what really was going on in the lives of the characters.  ​

​Were they honest with each other, honest with themselves,  or were they all just fakes?​   Can we really trust or truly believe anyone?

The story line became quite intense and very good as the book continued.

The wrap up is amazing.  A brilliant debut.   5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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