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Everything You Want Me To Be

Everything You Want Me to Be - Mindy Mejia

Can you be anyone you want to be depending on the situation? Can you adapt your reactions to what is happening at the moment?

Hattie was always good at reacting the way someone wanted her to react and to being who someone wanted her to be.  She was a very calculating and purposeful person to the point of being frightening.​

Hattie was two months away from her high school graduation and decided that she was going to leave her Midwestern small town and head to New York.  She had made sketchy plans without telling anyone including her parents, and in the end, the plans didn't work out.

When Hattie was found brutally ​murdered​ the next day,​ the town was shocked​.  Murders didn't happen in Pine Valley​.

The murder did cause a few folks to worry about their involvement with Hattie.

EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE has three narrators....Hattie, Peter Lund, and Sheriff Goodman.

Hattie told her story, Peter hoped his story would not be revealed, and Sheriff Goodman had known Hattie and her family for years.  The three narrators worked out beautifully.  One chapter smoothly flowed into the other.

​I really didn't like Hattie.  She was dishonest and cunning.

Peter was definitely dishonest because of his infidelity and didn't uphold his moral obligations as a teacher.

Sheriff Goodman was a perfect, honest policeman.​

EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE was very descriptive, very intense, and had me guessing until the end.  Ms. Mejia has a writing style that is distinctive and creative.​

I really enjoyed this book because the mystery and story line were unique and definitely kept me interested and turning the pages.   

If you enjoy twists and turns and characters that stay with you, you won't want to miss reading EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE.

The entire book and especially the ending were brilliant!! 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.