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Love, Alice

Love, Alice - Barbara Davis

Dovie spent her lunch hours in the cemetery every day since her fiancee committed suicide.  Dovie hoped she would find out why William would kill himself a few weeks before their wedding.

The cemetery didn't tell her much, but she did befriend the caretaker​​ of the cemetery​, Josiah​, as well as come across ​Dora who was grieving the death of her daughter, Alice.

Dovie didn't find relief from her ​own grieving, but she did find Alice and Dora's story​ very​ interesting. Alice was connected to a powerful, wealthy family in town, and had been buried in the family's plot.​ ​That in itself caused Dovie's curiosity to peak and to want to ​know more.

​When Dovie finds letters that had been left and written by Alice, a definite connection between the letters​, Dora, and the Tate family comes to light.
LOVE, ALICE goes back and forth in time using letters written by Alice, facts about the Tate family,​ and Alice's mother to help reveal the secrets of Dora's grief.​

I always enjoy books that go back in forth in time and especially when the mystery is revealed through letters or some other unique ​way.

​I enjoyed Dovie and Dora's friendship and the determination Dovie had to find out the truth.  The Tate family was a bit mysterious with Mrs. Tate being pleasant but secretive and her son being closed mouth and a bit unpleasant at times.  Dovie knew some secret was kept by the Tate's, and she wanted to know what it was.

LOVE, ALICE grabbed me from the first page because of Ms. Davis' marvelous skill of storytelling and ​descriptive writing.

Ms. Davis’ books are books I don’t want to end simply because of the characters, the setting, and definitely the story line.

LOVE, ALICE is another heartwarming book by Ms. Davis about family, about love, about the love between mother and child, and about choices with characters that you would want to know and spend time with and a town you would want to live in.

This is going to be my favorite of her books even though I loved every book Ms. Davis has written.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and author in return for an honest review.

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