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The Velvet Hours - Alyson Richman

From 1898 to 1940 we meet Solange and Marthe de Florian.


Solange is the granddaughter of Marthe and the grandmother Solange never knew existed until she was nineteen years old.


Solange's father never knew Marthe was his birth mother until he was eighteen and kept Marthe from Solange until Solange's mother had passed away. The meeting of the two women allowed Solange to learn of her grandmother's life and legacy in an apartment filled with collected treasures and the traces of men Marthe had collected during her lifetime.


I really enjoyed getting to know Marthe and Solange as Marthe told her life story to her granddaughter. What a treat it must have been for Solange to listen to the story.


Marthe's life was one that went from poverty to living a luxurious life paid for by Charles and other men. THE VELVET HOURS was enticing, sensual, and exceptionally interesting since it was based on the real life of Marthe.


​I truly enjoyed the book and recommend THE VELVET HOURS for historical fiction fans. Ms. Richman's writing and research is absolutely marvelous. Don't forget to search for photos of Marthe's apartment and her famous portrait​ by ​artist, ​Giovanni Boldini. It is totally amazing to me how the apartment and its contents made it through WWII without being ransacked or destroyed and that no one entered it for 70 years.


ENJOY when you read THE VELVET HOURS. ​ I hope you fall in love with Marthe's story as I did. ​5/5


This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.