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Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress: A Novel - Susan McBride

“I watched her as she moved, saw the way the dress sparkled…….I thought it was evil at first, what the dress had done to us.”  Page 286

A little black dress with plans?  
Interesting......but don't we all have a little black dress somewhere? I bet we do, but not sure anyone has a little black dress with plans....well no one except Anna Evans and her sister Toni. 
And what fascinating plans they were....they were plans that affected the Evans women from one generation to the next.  Its plans were both good and bad, and the dress never gave up. 
I really enjoyed this book....fantastic storyline and also great chapter set up...each character had her own chapter and went from past to present with stories of the ties, the secrets, and the fate each of the Evans women shared with the little black dress.  The twists and turns just made the book so good……you even get a hint of mystery.
It was a fun, clever read.  The ending, and especially the very last line is SUPERB.   5/5
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