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Cocktail Hour Under The Tree of Forgetfulness

Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness - Alexandra Fuller

We all should  have our own Tree of Forgetfulness.....what a wonderful thought.

"People often ask why my parents haven't left Africa.  Simply put they have been possessed by the land.  Land is Mum's love affair and it is Dad's religion."  Page 117

From the beautiful landscape of the Isle of Skye in Scotland to the lush lands of East Africa....you will be taken on a journey with Nicola Fuller through her childhood and her adult life.

This book is beautifully written with wonderful descriptions of feelings, daily living, and African landscapes.  You will also be given a history lesson of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

The novel is also quite entertaining.  You will love the stories, connect with the characters, feel their pain and mainly their love of the land in Africa even though Tim always said and was reminded by Nicola...."But I thought you said Africa was for the Africans."  Page 210

I thoroughly enjoyed this book......vicariously living the life of the Fullers was fun but frightening.  I can't begin to give all the details in this short review.....you will definitely need to read it.  You will love  it.  5/5

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