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The Confession

The Confession - Charles Todd
Furnham was a fishing town with very unfriendly residents that could spot an unfriendly outsider immediately when he walked into town.  Ian Rutledge was the stranger that screamed police, and the residents screamed nothing but coldness and silence.  What could they be hiding, and why would they deny that they knew anything about the dead man in the photo when he had relatives in the town and had lived there nearby as a child?  The residents of Furnham were an odd lot with loyalty to each other and the entire town.
Rutledge definitely felt all the answers to the murdered man were in this small fishing town, but getting the information was going to prove to be difficult.  He returned time after time much to the anger of the town’s residents, but the clues were there....they just had to be “dug” out.  Another thing to consider too.....was the current investigation connected to past people and past disappearances and murders?  Is that why the town was so closed mouthed?

Don’t miss out on this one ……Ian was on another great investigation in this Todd mystery and, of course, Hamish was there as well.  The setting, the twists and turns of the storyline, the subplots, and the fascinating, well-described characters will again keep you involved and turning the pages.  

I always look forward to an Ian Rutledge mystery....you get completely involved with the story and characters.  5/5

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