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Titanic 2012

Titanic 2012 - Bill Walker
Rebuild the Titanic? Who would want to do that and relive that nightmare?
Well....Harlan Astor, descendant of John Jacob Astor IV who perished in the original Titanic, wanted to rebuild it, and he did rebuild it to the tune of six-hundred million dollars.  The question of why he wanted to do this was left unanswered to the public, but nevertheless it was built, it was launched, and it set sail on the exact dates of its original journey. 
The story begins with the meeting of Solly, Ken and Trevor....all college buddies of Harlan.  They met to ask Trevor why he had been invited on the boat and how Harlan died on his dream ship.  Solly and Ken were skeptical with the story Trevor told them.
The book then moves to where most of the action takes place........on the ship.   The action includes Trevor's adventures and his main purpose of the trip which was to interview the passengers for the book his publisher had put no stops to in terms of cost.  Each of the passengers had been carefully interviewed and selected by Harlan because of specific reasons known only to Harlan and the passenger.  During his interviews, Trevor was finding that most of these handpicked passengers had sad, troublesome lives, and a past.  Trevor did find an irresistible young lady on board, but she too fit the bill the other passengers did, and he wondered what Harlan's true purpose had been when choosing these 200 particular passengers.  
As you read, you will feel the excitement of the boarding, the chill of the launching, and the thrill of history being recreated.  The reconstruction of the suites bearing photos and descriptions of the original occupants will fire up any history buff's love of a past era coming alive.  Harlan even had the Marconi wireless system restored along with the exact menu in the dining room on the last fateful night of sail. Everything was done as it had been 100 years ago.  Mystery and emotions played a large part in this book.
The book became tense at times with danger, and despite the boat’s opulence, nostalgia, and charm, you will find out this voyage had a completely different purpose other than a pleasure cruise.  Don't miss this recreation of history that is filled with secrecy and intrigue. You will ask yourself why, and you will find out the answer of why Harlan Astor spent six hundred million dollars for this ship.  It is a splendid book.  What do you think?  Would rebuilding an historical disaster be a good idea?  Read Titanic 2012 and decide for yourself.  5/5
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