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Radio Girls

Radio Girls - Sarah-Jane Stratford

Before the Internet and cell phones.

Before women were seen as being more than secretar​ies​.

RADIO GIRLS takes us back to the ​era of the ​wireless ​radio ​and the BBC.​  Loved the history.​​  Loved learning about the development of radio, the shows, and hearing that some listeners were afraid of the wireless.​

The time period is authentically portrayed​, and Hilda Matheson, a real historical figure, is ​one of the main characters.  Hilda Matheson was The Director of Talks at the BBC and always had very interesting people on her show.

Maisie was ​another main character and also ​a terrific character.  I enjoyed ​h​er spunk and how she ​carried out her harried​, but enjoyable​ job every day​.

​RADIO GIRLS was a pleasant, educational read.​  The cover is quite charming and drew me in immediately.

Anyone who enjoys the era between WWI and WWII and sharing the lives of women and their fashionable clothing and lifestyles will thoroughly enjoy RADIO GIRLS.  All the glitz and glamour of the era shines through as you learn the history of the BBC.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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