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Flight Patterns

Flight Patterns - Karen White

Georgia vowed she would never return home after she and her sister had words and parted ways ten years ago.

But....never say never.  James, a client of Georgia's looking for a special Limoges China pattern changed it all because Georgia had to go home to look for a similar piece that she remembers her grandmother had, and James went with her.

FLIGHT PATTERNS pulled me in immediately with the marvelous writing style of Karen White and the interesting research done on Limoges China and beekeeping.

Learning about china patterns and the nature of bees couldn't have been more enjoyable.

I absolutely loved FLIGHT PATTERNS and enjoyed the characters.

Georgia was a bit aloof but likeable.  

I was a bit perturbed with Maisey's negative attitude.  

Becky was simply adorable, and Grandfather was wonderful.

Birdie was an odd, mysterious character.

James was every bit the gentleman and very likeable.

My favorite part was the mystery behind the connection between the Limoges soup cup and Georgia and Maisey's family and James' family.

FLIGHT PATTERNS is a beautiful book about family, reconnecting, and has the added bonus of a few family secrets. The secrets are quite good.  :)

The beekeeper's quotes at the head of each chapter were thoughtful and interesting, and the inspiring quotes throughout the book were marvelous.

Another lovely, enjoyable, memorable read that won't disappoint fans of Karen White and women's fiction.

Do not miss reading FLIGHT PATTERNS. 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for a honest review.

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