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The Blue Bath

The Blue Bath - Mary Waters-Sayer

Remodeling an old mansion, finding an old flame, ​having a very successful husband and young son, ​and dealing with it all.

THE BLUE BATH goes back and forth in time from when Kat was in Paris at art school, living with her lover, Daniel,​ then to present day with her husband, her son, and the resurgence of her lover.

​Kat sees Daniel ​20 years later ​at the opening of a gallery with paintings of her ​that Daniel had done ​from when they were together.  Would anyone recognize her in the paintings?  Kat needed to escape the gallery and she did, but would it be as easy to escape the memories and Daniel himself?

What did all this mean for Kat?

Can what you do during your younger years haunt you later in life?  This is a question Kat needed to consider since her life was definitely not what it was when she was young and in love in Paris.

THE BLUE BATH is a book that artists and art aficionados will enjoy and connect with.

THE BLUE BATH is for anyone who has experienced unending love​.​

THE BLUE BATH is for those readers who have been to London or Paris.

The characters were somewhat likable and some were definitely unlikable.

The story line was predictable, but overall THE BLUE BATH is a thoughtful, introspective book.

The book has marvelous description, and the author has a beautiful writing style.  Ms. Waters-Sayer can vividly describe anything and pull you in.

The totally absorbing, gorgeous cover of THE BLUE BATH definitely pulled me in, but the story line needed a bit more pizzazz even though the book became quite intriguing as the ending neared.

ENJOY, and find out the significance of the cover.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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