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So Close To Home

So Close to Home: A True Story of an American Family's Fight for Survival During World War II - Michael J. Tougias, Alison O'Leary

A very well written and thoroughly researched historical account of The Heredia that was bombed and sunk by the Germans in the Gulf of Mexico during World War II that had civilians on board.

Mr. Tougias and Ms O'Leary detailed the military aspects and described all scenes so vividly that you could feel the cold and dampness and the fear all crew members and the Downs family was experiencing as they escaped from the wreckage.

You could actually put yourself with the survivors as they clung to a small makeshift raft, feared the sharks, suffered sun burn, craved water and food, and prayed for rescue boats to arrive.

The technical aspect was a bit too much for me to absorb, but the human element added in made for an excellent read.  If you are a military buff, SO CLOSE TO HOME will be a book you will want to read.

The personal aspect of the survivors, and especially the Downs family held my interest.

I normally do not read non-fiction, but I am glad I read this book.  It is an event in history that I knew nothing about.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.