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Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces - Heather Gudenkauf


Penny Gate, Iowa, sounded like such a serene place, but Sarah found out it definitely was far from serene when it came to her husband's family.

The Quinlans, and especially her husband, Jack, had many secrets about family accidents /murders that were 30 years apart.  Sarah found out more about the secrets in the 24 hours she was in Penny Gate than she knew for the past 20 years of her marriage.

Sarah needed to know why Jack lied to her about how his parents died and answers to other secrets she found out he kept from her.

What brought Sarah and Jack back to Penny Gate after 20 years was an accident that his beloved Aunt Julia had that was similar to his mother's accident.  Aunt Julia had raised Jack and his sister after his parents were gone.

Every hour Sarah and Jack spent in Penny Gate was an hour that added more questions and more secrets being revealed about Jack and his relatives. The revelations were not pleasant.   

MISSING PIECES will have mystery lovers scratching their heads until the last pages as well as loving the intrigue.

Ms. Gudenkauf's detailed writing style and marvelous storyline made MISSING PIECES a book that was difficult to put down.  I stayed up way into the night to finish it.
See if you can solve the mystery of the 30-year-old murder as well as the current one.   The twists and turns along with the very suspenseful ending will have you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the end.

Don't miss reading MISSING PIECES.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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