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The Things We Keep

The Things We Keep - Sally Hepworth

A thirty-eight year old with early stages of Alzheimer's disease and in an assisted living facility...very difficult for Anna as well as her family.

Anna lived with her brother and his family once they found out she couldn't live alone, but then it got to the point where she needed constant supervision, and the assisted living facility was the only safe place for Anna.

Anna had enough wits about her to know she needed to be at Rosalind​ House​, but also was sad she was there.

While she was there, she met another young patient, Luke, as well as Eve who was a single mother that had lost everything when her husband was involved in a Ponzi Scheme.

Eve became very protective of Anna and Luke, the two young residents of Rosalind House, and secretly allowed them to meet against the family’s wishes.

Eve had trouble and worries of her own, though, but made the best of her current situation until her daughter started having trouble at school because of the situation they were in.

As you read, you become attached to all the characters and sympathize with their situations.  You will learn about Alzheimer's disease and how it affects the patient as well as the family.

THE THINGS WE KEEP is a book that makes you begin to think about all the times you have forgotten things and about how love can be the best medicine.  :)

THE THINGS WE KEEP is different from THE SECRETS OF MIDWIVES, addresses a well-known problem, and is well researched by Ms. Hepworth.​

The ending was heartbreaking but redeeming.  Break out the tissues from the warmth you will feel and from the sad but wonderful ending.   

THE THINGS WE KEEP is a reminder that memories are "the things we should keep." 4/5​

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

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