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The Violinist of Venice

The Violinist of Venice: A Story of Vivaldi - Alyssa Palombo

Venice, music, wealthy families, secret meetings, and of course love.

Adriana had to sneak out of the palazzo for her violin lessons because her father forbade her to learn music.  He said it wasn't a woman's place to learn music.  According to her father a woman of her wealth was born only to marry a man of equal or greater wealth and have no interests of her own.

Defying her father, Adriana secretly met, took violin lessons, and had an affair with Antonio Vivaldi the famous violinist who was called the Red Priest.

Imagine that? A priest and a wealthy young lady having a clandestine affair on the guise of having violin lessons.  Adriana would make me so nervous when she slipped out to see Antonio because her father was a very harsh man that would severely punish Adriana for not obeying even his smallest requests.  

What would he do if he found out about this affair when he was trying to "marry off" his daughter to a wealthy merchant.

As you read THE VIOLINIST OF VENICE, you will be totally drawn into the lives of the d'Amato family and join in socially with them and other wealthy merchants.  You will also see how these families treated their own family members and servants.  Not always a pleasant situation.

Ms. Palombo writes with wonderful description, memorable as well as unlikable characters, and most of all an unforgettable love story.

THE VIOLINIST OF VENICE is a beautiful, mesmerizing book that takes us to the romantic city of Venice during the 18th Century.

THE VIOLINIST OF VENICE is a marvelous, alluring, seductive debut novel with impeccable research that had me wanting to know more about Antonio Vivaldi.  

ENJOY!!!  What about that gorgeous cover?  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

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