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Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn - Daphne du Maurier

Mary complied with her dying mother's wishes that she move in with her Aunt Patience.  Little did Mary's mother know what that wish held for Mary.

Those wishes turned out to be very unpleasant for Mary.  Mary had to endure her uncle's ​horribly ​mean disposition, his illegal activities, his mistreatment of Aunt Patience, and ​Mary's being pulled into it all.

Mary saw things at Jamaica Inn that she had never seen before. For one thing​, this Inn never had any guests ​except for unsavory characters.

The setting of JAMAICA INN is perfect for this gothic, dark story line.  Ms. Du Maurier did it again with her detailed writing and pull-you-in tale.  She keeps everything dark enough, subtle​ ​enough, and interesting enough that even though you dislike what is going on and will definitely ​dislike ​Uncle Joss, you can't stop reading.

​I literally hated Uncle Joss because of his cruel, rude personality.  I felt sorry for Aunt Patience because of her fear of Uncle Joss and her reluctance to leave. I feared for Mary's safety in this desolate, dreary place.

The book was a perfect Du Maurier book.  The entire book was suspenseful, tense, and had a sinister tone.  

JAMAICA INN is a book I would recommend to those who know Du Maurier's writing even though it took me this long to know the book was out there and to read it.  :)  

If you don't know Du Maurier's writing, you will want to.

Enjoy and read JAMAICA INN when you can.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.​

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