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White Collar Girl

White Collar Girl: A Novel - Renee Rosen

A family of journalists, stolen bylines. ​struggling ​women reporters in the 1950's, and Chicago.

WHITE COLLAR GIRL takes us into the world of journalism and news reporting as we are introduced to the Walshes who are generation after generation of journalists.

The ​elder ​Walshes ​definitely ​have talent, but a family​ tragedy​ ke​eps them from continuing their careers. The tragedy didn't stop Jordan Walsh, though. This tragedy kept her pushing ahead and wanting to break into having more respect for women reporters.

Jordan Walsh was one of the few female journalists on the staff ​at the Tribune and along with all of the women journalists was relegated to reporting and writing about weddings and fashion.  But....Jordan wanted more...she wanted a big story.

Jordan got her story​....corruption in the mayor's office…as well as many more big stories.  Being a woman, though, she had a tough time collecting information and being given credit as the journalist who did the research and wrote the article.

Ms. Rosen ​definitely ​knows how​ ​to skillfully ​spin ​together fiction and history​.  Her research and characters are always marvelous.
WHITE COLLAR GIRL is another terrific novel by Ms. Rosen​ where she blends a fascinating story line with historical facts and historical as well as fictitious characters​.   

Ms. Rosen also adds in love and life styles of the 1950's.  Cigarettes hung from everyone's mouth both male and female, and liquor flowed freely.

I enjoyed WHITE COLLAR GIRL just as I enjoyed Ms. Rosen’s other two books.  

Don’t miss reading this book and her other books.  Historical fiction and women's fiction fans will not want this or any of her books to end.   5/5

​This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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