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The Last September

The Last September - Nina de Gramont

Brett, Eli, Charlie, and Ladd....all connected and all a part of each other's ​lives and decisions.

THE LAST SEPTEMBER starts out in present day and heads back to the ​past when all four friends met and events began to unfold.​

Brett was the main character.  We find out about her involvement in all three of the men's lives ​both ​past and present.  The murder of Charlie​, ​how Charlie affected many lives, and the mental illness of his brother​ ​are ​the main focus​.​

The background of each character and their lives is marvelously detailed by Ms. De Gramont, and has you wondering if one of them murdered Charlie for personal reasons since Charlie hurt each one of them in some way.

THE LAST SEPTEMBER is a deep​, emotional​ read about decisions made, promises made, promises broken​, mental illness, and love​​.​

​Ms. De Gramont has an exquisite writing style​ ​that has the reader sharing every emotion the characters are experiencing.

THE LAST SEPTEMBER is not an uplifting book, but one that is gripping simply because of the way Ms. De Gramont tells the story.  It is a mystery about life as well as a mystery about finding the person who murdered Charlie.

THE LAST SEPTEMBER pulls the reader in because of how deeply involved and connected Ms. De Gramont has you become with each character.

THE LAST SEPTEMBER is a book that needs to be savored and ​one that you will think about even after the last page is turned because it won't easily leave you.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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