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House of Thieves

House of Thieves: A Novel - Charles Belfoure

Gambling debts, robbery rings, and high society​ and​​ ​thugs​ blending together​ for a marvelous read.  

HOUSE OF THIEVES takes us back to the late 1800's when women needed escorts and ​when ​men were their protectors.  The men definitely​ protected their wives and families and​ kept secrets from them as they carried out their days.

The secret John Cross kept from his wife​, though,​ was one he couldn't keep for long.  When he returned home one evening with bruises and cuts, John had to tell his wife about his "deal" with Kent.  The secret he kept was that their son, George, had racked up a gambling debt that he couldn't pay, and Kent came to John with ​a ​deal John wasn't able to pass up.

John wasn't able to pass it up because it was a good deal. John wasn't able to pass it up because ​it was a deal that he had to ​accept to ​keep his family safe.  If he didn't go along with Kent, John saw what​ Kent was capable of.

The deal took every waking minute of John's time and was something he would never dream of doing or being a part of.​  If he got caught, he would ruin his family, but better to be ruined than dead.

The characters ​seemed quite authentic.  John Cross made me afraid for him, Kent was despicable and ruthless, George made me angry that he would continue to ​do what he did to ​put his family​ in this situation even​ after his father told him he knew​ of his dangerous obsession​.​  Kent seemed as if he were just playing John Cross and his son's debt would never be settled, but John Cross had to keep finding homes and banks to rob so his family was safe.

You will get pulled into the time period and the storyline as you wonder how someone could be as evil and cunning as Kent and ​as your ​fear for John Cross​ and his family mounts.​
Mr. Belfoure has authored another intriguing, well-​written, captivating​ book.  Mr. Belfoure​ pulls you in with his marvelous research and storyline about the life styles of the wealthy as well as the poor during this era.

​If you enjoy being treated to history, an alluring storyline, and an "oh my goodness" ending, HOUSE OF THIEVES will take you there.

One chapter after another keeps you mesmerized as unbelievable, possible events happen.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review. ​

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