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Water From My Heart

Water from My Heart: A Novel - Charles Martin



Charlie Finn had an unusual childhood and a very unique rest of his life.

Charlie played poker, went to Harvard, had a job that ​paid well but ​was a job​ that cost him the woman he loved, and then had another job that gave him a family but also danger.

WATER FROM MY HEART was a bit confusing at first because more than one story was going on.  It started to come together around Page 100 or so.

​We follow Charlie as WATER FROM MY HEART goes back and forth from past to present.  I liked Charlie despite some of the things he did in his life and despite the decisions he made that ruined lives as well as saved and touched lives.

WATER FROM MY HEART was a book about loss, life​​, decisions, and regrets.  


You will learn what the title means and see a redemption in Charlie. The ending was heartwarming.


I have read another book by Charles Martin that I thoroughly enjoyed...UNWRITTEN.  4/5


This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.