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The Promise of Home

The Promise of Home: A Mill River Novel - Darcie Chan

Letters from the past that reveal hidden secrets and untold tales, a mansion being restored, and all the wonderful characters from Ms. Chan's previous novels.

Mill River is a town I would want to live in.  It has its problems, but the characters are just so homey and wonderful.

THE PROMISE OF HOME moves from the 1930's to present-day Mill River.  Ms. Chan skillfully takes us from one time period to the other letting us in on the daily activities of all of Mill River's current residents and Father O'Brien's life as he grew up.

Father O'Brien definitely had an interesting past.  

Emily is still the same Emily...still hurt from an incident from long ago.  

Her sister, Rose, has mellowed, which is good.

Ruth has a great bookstore and bakery and owns the mansion Emily is restoring.  

Aunt Ivy is the sweetest thing.

Josie is still a successful real estate agent and still juggling her life between family and work.

​The reader finds out more about the familiar characters that add to the appeal of this book.

THE PROMISE OF HOME has just enough drama, enough suspense, enough secrets, enough romance, and unfortunately just enough heartache to keep you glued to the pages.

THE PROMISE OF HOME is another charming, cozy read by Ms. Chan.

You do not have to read Ms. Chan's books in order, but I would recommend that you do that so you can get the full beauty of the characters who reside in the quaint town of Mill River.  5/5​

​This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.​

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