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Flame Tree Road

Song of the Flame Tree - Shona Patel


India, the caste system, no rights for women except through marriage. 

FLAME TREE ROAD addresses these issues that were prevalent in India during the 1800's.

Biren Roy is the main character.   His father died at a young age, and his mother, like all Indian widows, became an outcast once their husbands were gone.  Biren's mother's plight and the plight of all Indian widows gave Biren his drive to fight for equality for women in all respects - not only marriage.
Biren warmed my heart because of his goodness and his passion to help the women of India.  Biren luckily was sent to an English school in India, gained entrance to a college in London where he earned his law degree, and then returned to India to achieve his goal.

We follow Biren, his family, and his career throughout the book.  Biren married, and the beauty and passion of his respect for his marriage and his wife oozed through the pages. 

FLAME TREE ROAD is a book that will hold your interest because of the mesmerizing aspect of India and Biren's passion for helping the women of India. 

Ms. Patel's writing is beautiful with wonderful detail.  Her writing flows and takes you with it.

ENJOY the depth of this book if you read it.  FLAME TREE ROAD is filled with passion, love, and pain, and is a marvelous read even though it isn't always uplifting. 

Ms. Patel described the lives, inequality, and caste system in India.  I found the customs and culture of India extremely interesting especially the marriage proposal procedure. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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