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The Girl Who Wrote In Silk

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk - Kelli Estes

Did Mei Lien stand on the edge of the boat's railing because she knew she had to or because she was forced to be there? Did this act begin or end Mei Lien’s life? Did this act begin or end Inara’s life?


Mei Lien lived 100 years ago​. Inara lives in the present. Their lives are unknowingly connected until Inara finds a family story on a hidden embroidered sleeve in a house that belonged to Inara's ancestors and where Mei Lien and her family had lived...the connection and the secrets begin.


The embroidered sleeve immediately catches Inara's attention and her curiosity. When she takes the sleeve to a Chinese professor at the local university, the sleeve and Inara immediately catch the professor's attention.


THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK is beautifully written and beautifully told by Ms. Estes. The characters come alive, and the storyline is quite intriguing.


THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK has secrets about a family home, a family connection, and an embroidered shirt sleeve that t​ells a story Inara just HAS to unravel. Just what were all of these secrets?


The story and the unraveling le​a​d to surprises for the characters and to a marvelous book. ​ ​Ms Estes weaved a beautiful​, gripping, but sad ​tale that spanned from the 1800's to present day.


THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK was difficult to put down simply because you will want to find out​ about the embroidered sleeve as well as to find out​ how Inara and Daniel Chin unravel the mystery even though we already know ​the answer ​as Ms. Estes skillfully goes back and forth revealing the past a​n​d the present.


THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK is a​n ​appealing, alluring read​ with charming, unforgettable characters​. You will love Mei Lien and admire her for her courage. You will also love her husband, Joseph, but despise Duncan Campbell.


The book is as captivating as the book's title and cover, and THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK becomes even more intriguing each time you turn the page and clues are revealed.

I thoroughly enjoyed THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK, but have some tissues ready.

I hope you have the pleasure of reading this marvelous book. ​ A spectacular debut novel. 5/5


This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.​

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