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A Necessary End

A Necessary End: A Novel - A. Antonucci;B. Jr. Borelli;N.H. Brown;G. Cannon;H. Carmichael;J. Davis;Ch. Mitchel;O. Echols;Ch. Philips;C. François;B. Holly;G. Jenkins;B. Kaempfert;J. Kander;G. Khoury;J. M. Lacalle;R. Morgan;L. Stock;J. Cavanaugh;N. Petty;B. Ram;Ren

A pregnant teenager, a couple who can't conceive, and a deal Gabe and Adrianne can't pass up. Or was it really such a good deal?

Adrianne was so desperate to have a baby that she and Gabe signed up for a birth mother site that would give them access to unwed mothers who wanted to put their baby up for adoption.  They got burned on the first mother and Leah sounded too good to be true so they took the “deal.”​  Leah arrived at their home within 24 hours with her flight paid for and with her own secret agenda.​

I was apprehensive about their decision ​and about Leah ​the second I read about it.  Leah was going to have the baby, stay with them for a year, be paid $400 a month ​with all medical expenses covered but ​with the stipulation that she could still decide to keep the baby.

A NECESSARY END kept me on the edge of my seat as the characters interacted and as Leah continued to show her true colors​ and carry out her plan.  Ms. Brown addressed a social situation that could escalate to this height.

Ms. Brown does a superb job of keeping the tension of the book's situation very high.

​A NECESSARY END is a gripping psychological thriller with characters that were well developed but ones that I wanted to shake and tell to wake up and see what actually was going on.  There was a good deal of betrayal as well as manipulation.

If you enjoy books with characters you d​on't trust from the start and a gut feeling that all isn't as it really seems A NECESSARY END is a book you won't want to miss.  The ending revelations and the ending itself are definitely a surprise and not what I expected.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review

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