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Black and White and Dead All Over

BLACK and WHITE and DEAD ALL OVER - Michael   Bradley

ealousy, love triangles, high-profile politicians, reporters, and murder.  All of this put together made for a short, but excellent murder mystery.

You will be kept guessing
up until the very last pages who murdered Mary Fleming twenty-two years ago when her body ended up in the basement of a house being moved off its foundation. Brian, a reporter for the Newark Observer had covered stories in wars and political conventions, and was known for his thoroughness.  And...boy was he thorough...he was the one who solved the murder of Mary Fleming that the police hadn't been able to solve.

I read this book in one afternoon.  It was fast-paced, interesting, creative, and intriguing.  Great characters, great storyline, outstanding descriptions of scenes, feelings, and characters.  You could feel the drama as you turned each page.  This is a mystery writer I will keep an eye on.  ENJOY!!  5/5

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