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The Truth About Love and Lightening

The Truth About Love and Lightning - Susan McBride
Did the storm really bring Sam along with it....the Sam who disappeared 40 years ago?  As much as Gretchen wanted it to be Sam, she was worried that his return may mean that her secret/her lie would be exposed.

Regardless, it couldn't be anyone but Sam especially since it was well known that his ancestors were famous for storms, lightning, and unusual things happening when lightning struck.  Could it really have happened again no matter how strange....rain, lightening, and walnuts?    
Strange things do and have happened at the farmhouse where Sam grew up and where Gretchen and her sisters now lived.  Strange things such as ghosts knocking on the front door and now the farmhouse being the only place that had electricity when the entire town had none because of the storm that blew through town the day before with Sam on its coattails.

The Truth About Love & Lightening is a book that has lovable, appealing characters with interesting backgrounds.  The characters are the basis, the wonder, and the root of what made Ms. McBride's book a marvelous read.

Ms. McBride always pleases her readers with a mixture of splendid characters, great story lines, and a little bit of mystery.  Waiting for the answer about Sam and also the answer about Gretchen's secret/lie was cleverly and expertly carried out with flashbacks and details of the current lives of the characters.  The unhurried way Ms. McBride melts the reader into the suspense of Sam and his family's past and also into each character's feelings and believability makes you turn the pages not in an unhurried pace but at a hurried, curious pace.

I really enjoyed the book because of Ms. McBride's smooth, splendid writing style.  She glides seamlessly from one period of time to the other and gives you just enough information that you keeps you involved.  

Don't miss this marvelous read by Susan McBride which also teaches us about love and the wisdom of living our lives where we are now, being happy with what we have now, and not living in the past.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and author in exchange for an honest review.

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