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Second Chance Friends

Second Chance Friends - Jennifer Scott


An accident, three women, and then four women to complete their circle.

Could the circle be completed, though, with the fourth woman?

Karen, Melinda, and Joanna met by chance the day a school bus ran into a car waiting at a red light as they helped save the children on the crashed bus but not the husband of the fourth woman, Maddie, in the car.

All three women had personal issues, but as women are they all were there for each other.  They were even there for Maddie who really didn't want any part of the three women nor any part of her family or her life now that her husband was gone.  

SECOND CHANCE FRIENDS is a book about women and how we bond.  SECOND CHANCE FRIENDS is a very pleasant read with women you would want for friends along with sad as well as happy tears shed by the characters and you the reader.

SECOND CHANCE FRIENDS will appeal to the reader who enjoys a lot of character interaction.  Karen was my favorite simply because she seemed innocent, naive, and lonely.  Joanna wasn't happy about anything.  Melinda didn't realize what she had until it was too late.  Poor Maddie had it all and lost it all and didn't care.

SECOND CHANCE FRIENDS will warm your heart and will have you looking at your friendships and at your family in a whole different light and appreciating what you have.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

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