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Whisper Hollow

Whisper Hollow - Chris Cander


WHISPER HOLLOW whispered nothing but sadness, loneliness, ​secrets, ​and isolation.
Myrthen's isolation and sadness began after the death of her twin sister and then her marriage.  Alta's sadness began ​upon her marriage to the man she didn't love or have anything in common with.

Both women have desires that break rules and traditions.  Myrthen and Alta are traditional on the outside, but on the inside are very strong women with very strong convictions. Tragedy brings these two women farther apart instead of closer together and leaves them both lonelier than before.
WHISPER HOLLOW is set in the coal mining town of Verra, West Virginia,​ ​before, during, and after WWII ​with traditional marriages of the wife at home and the husband working.

Ms. Cander's writing pulls you in with her marvelous descriptions of characters and scenes.  The characters are very authentic with some you will feel sorry for.  You will definitely not like Myrthen as the years go on, and your heart will go out to Alta and Lidia.  When Lidia arrives, the strong women of Verra, West Virginia, have another woman with a secret to take into their fold.
The beginning was a bit slow, but the characters, situations, writing style, and time period kept me going.  ​I would recommend this book to anyone who likes secrets and family sagas.  It is historical fiction and women's fiction rolled into one.

WHISPER HOLLOW i​s an interesting look into the lives of the characters with circumstances that are very plausible.  You will become attached to the women and to their situations.

The ending is redeeming in certain ways and definitely a page turner.  ENJOY if you read WHISPER HOLLOW.  I think you will.  4/5
This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

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