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The Relutant Midwife

The Reluctant Midwife: A Hope River Novel - Patricia Harman

Babies, folks helping each other, and a difficult, but wonderful era.

Patience and Becky knew each other from years before and became reacquainted when Becky moved back to town with Dr. Blum who is now disabled.

Patience is a midwife, and Becky is a nurse.  Both women deliver babies together and share what they have food wise and material wise to make ends meet and to make it through the difficult times of The Depression.  You will follow Patience, Becky, Dr. Blum, Patience's husband, and all of the other delightful town folks through their days.​

THE RELUCTANT MIDWIFE is one of those books you won't want to put down because the characters are so wholesome and because the story is so homey and heartwarming.  Patience and Becky are characters you would want for a friend.

ENJOY if you read THE RELUCTANT MIDWIFE....any women's fiction fan will be hooked.  You will want to crawl into the pages of the book, to be one of the characters, and to share in their lives.

THE MIDWIFE OF HOPE RIVER is recommended before reading THE RELUCTANT MIDWIFE, but I am having no trouble​ with following the storyline.  It is a marvelous read.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.​

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