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One Step Too Far

One Step Too Far - Tina Seskis


Leaving her husband and child both physically and emotionally?  What would make Emily, a happily married woman, just leave one day without a trace and make a new life for herself?

Emily renamed herself Cat, moved into a run down house, and made new friends that really were not her style, but she didn't go back even as she second-guessed her decision especially when she thought of Ben and Charlie.

ONE STEP TOO FAR went back and forth between Emily/Cat's childhood and her current life as well as going back and forth between all of the main characters.  None of the characters were likable.  They all had some addiction or problem.

When you reach page 100 or so, hints about what happened to make Cat leave are introduced. The hints are usually flashbacks or simply Cat's thoughts at the time.

Just as the first hundred pages were a bit slow, the rest of the book will have you turning the pages and reading as fast as you can.

ONE STEP TOO FAR pulls you in and makes you want to find out what was going on with Cat and to find out her secret.  It didn’t pull me in enough, though, to say I enjoyed the read.  It was too much all over the place.

ONE STEP TOO FAR was confusing and unconventional but definitely creative in style.  I was lost at times.  3/5

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