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The Orchardist

The Orchardist: A Novel - Amanda Coplin
To lose your mother and then your sister in an already lonely, abandoned land made Talmadge the person he was.  He had his orchards and his kindness to keep him going.


Talmadge lived alone in his family home that really had no family except Talmadge until one day two girls, Jane and Della, arrived on his land and began stealing his fruit.  Talmadge let them steal the fruit, and he also fed them.  They stayed away from him for the most part and only made an appearance when he put food out for them.  Both girls were pregnant, and Talmadge had the midwife stop by to try to get the girls to warm up to her since they would be needing her.


These girls became his family or the best semblance of what a family could be. The book follows Talmadge through the stages of the girls' lives and how their being present in his life helped him be happy as well as allow him to experience the heartache of their growing up and his being a concerned parent.  His concern for Della became an obsession. 


As you continue reading, you will become completely involved in the plot and the lives of each character.  You will become attached to Talmadge, Della, Caroline, and Angelene and  hope things turn out for all of them.  Talmadge was an odd person and one you would like to tell to wake up even though he was such a good person.  Caroline was the character who held everyone togetherDella was not a likable character.  And wonderful Angelene was adorable, kind, and a character you will fall in love with.


The book had marvelous descriptions of feelings, landscapes, and characters.  It was beautifully written for a first novel.  It was as outstanding in writing style, interest, and development of the story and characters as a seasoned author.

I can't give enough praise for this book.  It was touching, tender, brilliantly written, mesmerizing, and one you will remember long after you turn the last page.  


THE ORCHARDIST is not an uplifting book but the prose and the storyline are so exceptional that regardless of the book's mood it instantly grips you.  5/5


This book was given to be free of charge by the publisher without compensation for a blog tour with TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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