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The Wonder of All Things

The Wonder of All Things - Jason Mott


Would someone really be able to heal another person and have that ability and not know it?  Does love bring it to the surface?  Does it happen when a dire situation closely affecting the healer happens?
Ava didn't know she had the ability to heal, and it turned her life ​upside down ​and the entire town of Stone Temple as well.  Folks were flocking to this unknown town after Ava healed her friend Wash.

​Most of the people coming to Stone Temple wanted Ava to heal them or a loved one, but she became ill when she healed someone so it was a difficult decision for her parents as well as Ava.

THE WONDER OF ALL THINGS will make you think about how you would react to the situation if you were the healer or if you were a person needing to be healed.  The characters in the story "grow" on you, and you become attached to them.

​Ava was sweet, but aloof.  Wash was very likeable.  Macon, Ava's dad, was different.  Brenda, Wash's grandmother will make you want a grandmother like  her.  Ava's mother, Heather, who had passed away,​ was different. Carmen, Ava's stepmother, was likeable and someone I felt sorry for.  The Reverend was someone I wasn't too fond of.

THE WONDER OF ALL THINGS was mostly conversation and a book that had an interesting storyline like Mr. Mott's other book, but it wasn't gripping.  I simply kept reading because I "had" to find out if they knew why Ava had this power of healing and what happened to this small town that was flooded with more people than it could possibly hold.  I didn't find the answers out to those questions.

It was an odd-themed book, well written, but not that interesting.  The ending was a bit vague, and the entire book was nothing outstanding.  3/5

This book was given to me free of charge by the publisher and without compensation in return for an honest review.​

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